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Home Improvement Guide

Know your style and materials

Before you embark on any home improvement project, make sure you and everyone involved in the decision-making process will be on the same page. Shop around for materials in your style, but don't purchase just yet. Check with your contractor before you purchase to verify it's the right material for the job.


For example, picking the wrong type of exotic wood flooring for your region can be disastrous if the space is not always air conditioned and the humidity level is not ideal. If you like to have your windows open throughout the year or don't use humidifiers during the winter, it's best to pick a floor that will not be fluctuating with the seasons.

Pick local supply stores and contractors

From lumber to tiles and everything in between, choosing local stores and contractors can save you countless hours and can speed up the entire renovation, especially in areas of New York where traffic is the worst. If you do decide to hire contractors from farther away, be sure they will have the commitment to finish the project within a specific timeframe. If you do buy exotic materials, be sure to buy more of them. Not having enough to finish the home improvement could add weeks to the project.

Move fixtures only if you have to

Moving the location of outlets, lights, sinks, tubs, or showers will require additional permits and inspections. A simple 3-day remodel can easily turn into 3 months depending on the availability of inspectors. Not to mention your taxes will increase for renovations that require permits.

Shop around for licensed contractors or hire a general contractor

A general contractor can save you thousands of dollars on home improvement by having the right experts for each phase of the job at a specific cost. One of the most common mistakes home owners do is to try to manage all the contractors by themselves. If you have a full time job, we highly advise you not to add another full time job.

Ask for referrals for other contractors

Every contractor, especially general contractor, will have access to many proven experts that they relied on before. With a single phone call you can have the best men for the job.



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