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Siding & Roofing Installation Contractor in Staten Island NY

Do you want siding on your home?

Let's talk about how we could prepare your home for siding.

There are quite a few preparations to do before applying siding, although before we get into that... If you do not have experience with siding installation or preparing a house for an installation, we suggest you bring in a pro.


A siding & roofing installation contractor will know how to protect your home during the installation process. Most importantly, a siding pro will be able to do the installation efficiently, on time, and correctly which will eventually save you from potential headaches down the line.

It is best to start by removing all the shutters, fixtures and gutters. Remove any and all caulking around windows and doors. You’ll want to tie trees back if they are planted close to the house so they will not get damaged by the installation process. 

We strongly recommend installing aluminum flashing below, on the sides of, and above any area where water could get in. Finally you would need to create a flat surface to install the new siding on, install furring strips.

If you are worried about codes, Some buildings require applying a weather-resistant barrier over the sheathing.

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